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  • BAD
    /B-A-D/ [IBM acronym, `Broken As Designed'] adj. Said of a program that is {bogus} because of bad design and misfeatures rather than because... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • chrome
    [from automotive slang via wargaming] n. Showy features added to attract users but contributing little or nothing to the power of a system. ...FULL DEFINITION

  • blinkenlights
    /blink'*n-litz/ n. Front-panel diagnostic lights on a computer, esp. a {dinosaur}. Derives from the last word of the famous blackletter-Gothic sign in mangled...FULL DEFINITION

  • page out
    [MIT] vi. 1. To become unaware of one's surroundings temporarily, due to daydreaming or preoccupation. "Can you repeat that? I paged out...FULL DEFINITION

  • 1TBS
    // n. The "One True Brace Style"; see {indent style}.

  • semi
    /se'mee/ or /se'mi/ 1. n. Abbreviation for `semicolon', when speaking. "Commands to {grind} are prefixed by semi-semi-star" means that the prefix is `;;*',FULL DEFINITION

  • Wizard Book
    n. Hal Abelson and Jerry Sussman's `Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs' (MIT Press, 1984; ISBN 0-262-01077-1, an excellent computer science text used inFULL DEFINITION

  • jolix
    n. /johl'liks/ n.,adj. 386BSD, the freeware port of the BSD Net/2 release to the Intel i386 architecture by Bill Jolitz and friends. Used...FULL DEFINITION

  • ten-finger interface
    n. The interface between two networks that cannot be directly connected for security reasons; refers to the practice of placing two terminals side by...FULL DEFINITION