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  • boxology
    /bok-sol'*-jee/ n. Syn. {ASCII art}. This term implies a more restricted domain, that of box-and-arrow drawings. "His report has a lot of boxology... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • self-reference
    n. See {self-reference}.

  • sniff
    v.,n. Synonym for {poll}.

  • dogcow
    /dog'kow/ n. See {Moof}.

  • sig quote
    /sig kwoht/ [USENET] n. A maxim, quote, proverb, joke, or slogan embedded in one's {sig block} and intended to convey something of one's philosophical...FULL DEFINITION

  • deep space
    n. 1. Describes the notional location of any program that has gone {off the trolley}. Esp. used of programs that just sit there...FULL DEFINITION

  • firefighting
    n. 1. What sysadmins have to do to correct sudden operational problems. An opposite of hacking. "Been hacking your new newsreader?" ...FULL DEFINITION

  • big win
    n. Serendipity. "Yes, those two physicists discovered high-temperature superconductivity in a batch of ceramic that had been prepared incorrectly according to their experimental...FULL DEFINITION

  • win win
    interj. Expresses pleasure at a {win}.