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    // [USENET] Abbreviation for `Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group'. Used as a meta-name when telling racist jokes on the net to avoid offending... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • tera-
    /te'r*/ [SI] pref. See {{quantifiers}}.

  • quantum bogodynamics
    /kwon'tm boh`goh-di-nam'iks/ n. A theory that characterizes the universe in terms of bogon sources (such as politicians, used-car salesmen, TV evangelists, and {suit}s inFULL DEFINITION

  • generate
    vt. To produce something according to an algorithm or program or set of rules, or as a (possibly unintended) side effect of the execution...FULL DEFINITION

  • i14y
    // n. Abbrev. for `interoperability', with the `14' replacing fourteen letters. Used in the {X} (windows) community. Refers to portability and compatibility...FULL DEFINITION

  • swizzle
    v. To convert external names, array indices, or references within a data structure into address pointers when the data structure is brought into main...FULL DEFINITION

  • K
    /K/ [from {kilo-}] n. A kilobyte. This is used both as a spoken word and a written suffix (like {meg} and {gig} for ...FULL DEFINITION

  • rot13
    /rot ther'teen/ [USENET from `rotate alphabet 13 places'] n., v. The simple Caesar-cypher encryption that replaces each English letter with the one 13 places...FULL DEFINITION

  • locked and loaded
    [from military slang for an M-16 rifle with magazine inserted and prepared for firing] adj. Said of a removable disk volume properly prepared for...FULL DEFINITION