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  • three-finger salute
    n. Syn. {Vulcan nerve pinch}.

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • macro-
    pref. Large. Opposite of {micro-}. In the mainstream and among other technical cultures (for example, medical people) this competes with the prefix...FULL DEFINITION

  • LER
    /L-E-R/ [TMRC, from `Light-Emitting Diode'] n. A light-emitting resistor (that is, one in the process of burning up). Ohm's law was broken. ...FULL DEFINITION

  • gas
    [as in `gas chamber'] 1. interj. A term of disgust and hatred, implying that gas should be dispensed in generous quantities, thereby exterminating the...FULL DEFINITION

  • real
    adj. Not simulated. Often used as a specific antonym to {virtual} in any of its jargon senses.

  • dickless workstation
    n. Extremely pejorative hackerism for `diskless workstation', a class of botches including the Sun 3/50 and other machines designed exclusively to network with anFULL DEFINITION

  • tenured graduate student
    n. One who has been in graduate school for 10 years (the usual maximum is 5 or 6) a `ten-yeared' student (get it?). ...FULL DEFINITION

  • Marginal Hacks
    n. Margaret Jacks Hall, a building into which the Stanford AI Lab was moved near the beginning of the 1980s (from the {D. C....FULL DEFINITION

  • M
    [SI] pref. (on units) suff. (on numbers) See {{quantifiers}}.