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  • cookie
    n. A handle, transaction ID, or other token of agreement between cooperating programs. "I give him a packet, he gives me back a... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • field circus
    [a derogatory pun on `field service'] n. The field service organization of any hardware manufacturer, but especially DEC. There is an entire genre...FULL DEFINITION

  • cookie file
    n. A collection of {fortune cookie}s in a format that facilitates retrieval by a fortune program. There are several different ones in public...FULL DEFINITION

  • copper
    n. Conventional electron-carrying network cable with a core conductor of copper --- or aluminum! Opposed to {light pipe} or, say, a short-range microwave...FULL DEFINITION

  • yoyo mode
    n. The state in which the system is said to be when it rapidly alternates several times between being up and being down. Interestingly...FULL DEFINITION

  • wedged
    [from a common description of recto-cranial inversion] adj. 1. To be stuck, incapable of proceeding without help. This is different from having...FULL DEFINITION

  • Foonly
    n. 1. The {PDP-10} successor that was to have been built by the Super Foonly project at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory along with...FULL DEFINITION

  • Eric Conspiracy
    n. A shadowy group of mustachioed hackers named Eric first pinpointed as a sinister conspiracy by an infamous talk.bizarre posting ca. 1986; this was...FULL DEFINITION

  • boa
    [IBM] n. Any one of the fat cables that lurk under the floor in a {dinosaur pen}. Possibly so called because they display a ...FULL DEFINITION