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  • fireworks mode
    n. The mode a machine is sometimes said to be in when it is performing a {crash and burn} operation.

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • clone
    n. 1. An exact duplicate "Our product is a clone of their product." Implies a legal reimplementation from documentation or by reverse-engineering. ...FULL DEFINITION

  • wall time
    n. (also `wall clock time') 1. `Real world' time (what the clock on the wall shows), as opposed to the system clock's idea of...FULL DEFINITION

  • -ware
    [from `software'] suff. Commonly used to form jargon terms for classes of software. For examples, see {careware}, {crippleware}, {crudware}, {freeware}, {fritterware}, ...FULL DEFINITION

  • root mode
    n. Syn. with {wizard mode} or `wheel mode'. Like these, it is often generalized to describe privileged states in systems other than OSes.

  • foobar
    n. Another common {metasyntactic variable}; see {foo}. Hackers do *not* generally use this to mean {FUBAR} in either the slang or jargon sense.

  • hack mode
    n. 1. What one is in when hacking, of course. 2. More specifically, a Zen-like state of total focus on The Problem that ...FULL DEFINITION

  • T
    /T/ 1. [from LISP terminology for `true'] Yes. Used in reply to a question (particularly one asked using the `-P' convention). In...FULL DEFINITION

  • armor-plated
    n. Syn. for {bulletproof}.