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  • real programmer
    [indirectly, from the book `Real Men Don't Eat Quiche'] n. A particular sub-variety of hacker one possessed of a flippant attitude toward complexity that... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • TOPS-20
    /tops-twen'tee/ n. See {{TWENEX}}.

  • talk mode
    n. A feature supported by UNIX, ITS, and some other OSes that allows two or more logged-in users to set up a real-time on-line...FULL DEFINITION

  • rude
    [WPI] adj. 1. (of a program) Badly written. 2. Functionally poor, e.g., a program that is very difficult to use because of gratuitously...FULL DEFINITION

  • semi-infinite
    n. See {infinite}.

  • connector conspiracy
    [probably came into prominence with the appearance of the KL-10 (one model of the {PDP-10}), none of whose connectors matched anything else] n. The...FULL DEFINITION

  • case and paste
    [from `cut and paste'] n. 1. The addition of a new {feature} to an existing system by selecting the code from an existing feature...FULL DEFINITION

  • FidoNet
    n. A worldwide hobbyist network of personal computers which exchange mail, discussion groups, and files. Founded in 1984 and originally consisting only of...FULL DEFINITION

  • mega-
    /me'g*/ [SI] pref. See {{quantifiers}}.