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  • gonzo
    /gon'zoh/ [from Hunter S. Thompson] adj. Overwhelming; outrageous; over the top; very large, esp. used of collections of source code, source files, or individual... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • say
    vt. 1. To type to a terminal. "To list a directory verbosely, you have to say `ls -l'." Tends to imply a ...FULL DEFINITION

  • lion food
    [IBM] n. Middle management or HQ staff (by extension, administrative drones in general). From an old joke about two lions who, escaping from...FULL DEFINITION

  • plugh
    /ploogh/ [from the {ADVENT} game] v. See {xyzzy}.

  • cretin
    /kret'n/ or /kree'tn/ n. Congenital {loser}; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right. It has been observed that many American hackers...FULL DEFINITION

  • UNIX
    /yoo'niks/ [In the authors' words, "A weak pun on Multics"] n. (also `Unix') An interactive time-sharing system originally invented in 1969 by Ken Thompson...FULL DEFINITION

  • kick
    [IRC] v. To cause somebody to be removed from a {IRC} channel, an option only available to {CHOP}s. This is an extreme...FULL DEFINITION

    /pet'skee/ [abbreviation of PET ASCII] n. The variation (many would say perversion) of the {{ASCII}} character set used by the Commodore Business Machines PET...FULL DEFINITION

  • lots of MIPS but no I/O
    adj. Used to describe a person who is technically brilliant but can't seem to communicate with human beings effectively. Technically it describes a...FULL DEFINITION