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  • net.-
    /net dot/ pref. [USENET] Prefix used to describe people and events related to USENET. From the time before the {Great Renaming}, when most... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
    /moh-tohs/ [acronym from the 1970 U.S. census forms via USENET Member Of The Opposite Sex] n. A potential or (less often) actual sex partner....FULL DEFINITION

  • Pink-Shirt Book
    `The Peter Norton Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC'. The original cover featured a picture of Peter Norton with a silly smirk on...FULL DEFINITION

  • fudge factor
    n. A value or parameter that is varied in an ad hoc way to produce the desired result. The terms `tolerance' and {slop}...FULL DEFINITION

  • pizza box
    [Sun] n. The largish thin box housing the electronics in (especially Sun) desktop workstations, so named because of its size and shape and the...FULL DEFINITION

  • baud
    /bawd/ [simplified from its technical meaning] n. Bits per second. Hence kilobaud or Kbaud, thousands of bits per second. The technical meaning is...FULL DEFINITION

  • terminak
    /ter'mi-nak`/ [Caltech, ca. 1979] n. Any malfunctioning computer terminal. A common failure mode of Lear-Siegler ADM 3a terminals caused the `L' key to...FULL DEFINITION

  • RSN
    /R-S-N/ adj. See {Real Soon Now}.

  • leak
    n. With qualifier, one of a class of resource-management bugs that occur when resources are not freed properly after operations on them are finished,...FULL DEFINITION