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  • bondage-and-discipline language
    A language (such as Pascal, Ada, APL, or Prolog) that, though ostensibly general-purpose, is designed so as to enforce an author's theory of `rightVIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • ironmonger
    [IBM] n. Derogatory. A hardware specialist. Compare {sandbender}, {polygon pusher}.

  • cons
    /konz/ or /kons/ [from LISP] 1. vt. To add a new element to a specified list, esp. at the top. "OK, cons picking a ...FULL DEFINITION

  • undocumented feature
    n. See {feature}.

  • General Public Virus
    n. Pejorative name for some versions of the {GNU} project {copyleft} or General Public License (GPL), which requires that any tools or {app}s incorporating...FULL DEFINITION

  • rave on!
    imp. Sarcastic invitation to continue a {rave}, often by someone who wishes the raver would get a clue but realizes this is unlikely.

  • core cancer
    n. A process which exhibits a slow but inexorable resource {leak} --- like a cancer, it kills by crowding out productive `tissue'.

  • attoparsec
    n. `atto-' is the standard SI prefix for multiplication by 10^(-18). A parsec (parallax-second) is 3.26 light-years; an attoparsec is thus 3.26 *...FULL DEFINITION

  • molly-guard
    /mol'ee-gard/ [University of Illinois] n. A shield to prevent tripping of some {Big Red Switch} by clumsy or ignorant hands. Originally used of...FULL DEFINITION