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  • HHOK
    See {ha ha only serious}.

  •  Miscellaneous Hacker Terms 
  • open switch
    [IBM prob. from railroading] n. An unresolved question, issue, or problem.

  • tera-
    /te'r*/ [SI] pref. See {{quantifiers}}.

  • dogcow
    /dog'kow/ n. See {Moof}.

  • J. Random Hacker
    [MIT] /J rand'm hak'r/ n. A mythical figure like the Unknown Soldier; the archetypal hacker nerd. See {random}, {Suzie COBOL}. This may...FULL DEFINITION

  • deep magic
    [poss. from C. S. Lewis's "Narnia" books] n. An awesomely arcane technique central to a program or system, esp. one not generally published and...FULL DEFINITION

  • JFCL
    /jif'kl/, /jaf'kl/, /j*-fi'kl/ vt., obs. (alt. `jfcl') To cancel or annul something. "Why don't you jfcl that out?" The fastest do-nothing instruction...FULL DEFINITION

  • source of all good bits
    n. A person from whom (or a place from which) useful information may be obtained. If you need to know about a program,...FULL DEFINITION

  • handle
    [from CB slang] n. An electronic pseudonym; a `nom de guerre' intended to conceal the user's true identity. Network and BBS handles...FULL DEFINITION