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  • berklix
    /berk'liks/ n.,adj. [contraction of `Berkeley UNIX'] See {BSD}. Not used at Berkeley itself. May be more common among {suit}s attempting to sound... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

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    /pid'l/ or /puhd'l/ [abbreviation for `Push Down List'] 1. n. In ITS days, the preferred MITism for stack. See overflow pdl. 2. n. Dave Lebling, one of the co-authors of Zork; (his network address on the ITS machines was at one time [email protected]). 3. n. `Program Design Language'. Any of a large class of formal and profoundly useless pseudo-languages in which management forces one to design programs. Management often expects it to be maintained in parallel with the code. See also {flowchart}. 4. v. To design using a program design language. "I've been pdling so long my eyes won't focus beyond 2 feet." 5. n. `Page Description Language'. Refers to any language which is used to control a graphics device, usually a laserprinter. The most common example, is of course, Adobe's PostScript language, but there are many others, such as Xerox InterPress, etc.