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  • chomp
    vi. To {lose}; specifically, to chew on something of which more was bitten off than one can. Probably related to gnashing of teeth.... VIEW ENTIRE DEFINITION

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    /ti'nee-kruhd/ n. 1. A pejorative used by habitues of older game-oriented MUD versions for TinyMUDs and other user-extensible MUD variants; esp. common among users of the rather violent and competitive AberMUD and MIST systems. These people justify the slur on the basis of how (allegedly) inconsistent and lacking in genuine atmosphere the scenarios generated in user extensible MUDs can be. Other common knocks on them are that they feature little overall plot, bad game topology, little competitive interaction, etc. --- not to mention the alleged horrors of the TinyMUD code itself. This dispute is one of the MUD world's hardiest perennial holy wars. 2. TinyMud-oriented chat on the USENET group rec.games.mud and elsewhere, especially newbie questions and flamage.